WWE will celebrate Rey Mysterio’s 20th anniversary tonight on RAW. The luchador legend has been wowing fans for years, all while chopping down larger opponents. Many have wondered when Mysterio will hang up the mask for good. It appears it may be sooner than later.

In an interview with Ariel Helwani, the 47-year-old superstar said he doesn’t want to keep wrestling past 50. Although Mysterio said he always planned on stopping at 50, he also said that it isn’t entirely set in stone.

It’s funny because they don’t prep you up now like they do for NFL players. For wrestling, I’ve always heard from others that they just go until they can’t anymore. There’s really no start and end date. You just run through it until you can’t or until you step away to do something else.

For me, now that I’m getting closer to my fifties and I see my son wrestling, I tell myself that I wanna go three more years and I don’t wanna go past fifty. But then I remind myself, what if I feel good. Can you still go another year? As of right now, my date has always been to not go over fifty.

As Mysterio winds down his legendary career, his son Dominik has continued the Mysterio legacy with his performances on the man roster. The father and son duo are set to face off against The Judgement Day tonight on RAW. One has to wonder whether Judgement Day plans to give Mysterio an early retirement.

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