AEW has reached new heights of popularity in a very short period. Tony Khan founded the promotion in 2019 and has already amassed a massive following. It is regarded as the second-largest wrestling promotion in the United States, after WWE. We have some information about how the company’s creative process works.

Sean Sapp posted behind Fightful’s paywall to shed some light on the inner workings of AEW. The preferred method is for talent to talk with one of the AEW coaches, who will then contact Tony Khan. If the discussions are about booking, TK must be alerted.

This recently happened with Jonathan Gresham was who frustrated about how he was booked and his character. His point of contact was Sonjay Dutt. Gresham didn’t get to meet Tony until a few hours before Death Before Dishonor. This is when he cussed Khan out and asked for his release.

It was also noted the coaches present dozens of ideas, either from themselves or from talent, to Khan, who is then in charge of turning those ideas into reality or rejecting them. Those responses must then be reported back to the talent.


Christopher Daniels, QT Marshall, Pat Buck are among those who are typically involved in the process. Megha Parekh and Sonjay Dutt assist as well, and Khan communicates with them at least ten times every day.

The general preferred process is that talent speaks to one of the AEW coaches, who are then in contact with Tony Khan. If the conversations are about booking, they have to be relayed to Tony Khan. The coaches pass on dozens of ideas either from themselves or talent to Khan, who is then in charge of making those ideas a reality or deciding they don’t fit. Those answers are then to be relayed back to the talent. For those asking about names involved in that, it’s usually AEW coaches, as well as Christopher Daniels, QT Marshall, Pat Buck. We’re told that Megha Parekh and Sonjay Dutt also help out and Khan is in communication with them at least ten times a day.

Some might find this a bit complicated but the process seems to have worked so far. AEW still has a long way to go, and we still don’t know how other departments of the company function. However, one thing is certain, Tony Khan is at the center of them all.

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