Vince McMahon’s retirement from pro wrestling sent the pro wrestling world into frenzy. McMahon made the announcement via Twitter and named Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan as co-CEO’s. Several WWE talents were outright shocked after hearing Vince is leaving.

Sean Sapp reported behind Fightful’s paywall that the majority of the talent he spoke with were utterly astonished to learn that Vince McMahon was departing. Not everyone was happy about Vince McMahon’s retirement. Several seasoned performers said they were “offput” by the fact that a talent gathering was conducted at WWE Money in the Bank and constantly emphasized that Vince McMahon wasn’t leaving.

One WWE talent said that “it shouldn’t have taken a scandal for a shakeup, and it made a lot of people wonder who is next to go, especially in Vince’s inner circle.”

Another talent said “I’m not banking on anything being permanent. Triple H was phased out, Stephanie was phased out, Bruce left the company for a decade, Johnny has been in and out, and none of them has the power Vince does. I’m not convinced that he can actually stay away, especially if he feels the heat has died down.”


Many prominent stars appeared dismayed by the startling news and claimed they were unaware of its impending arrival. The majority of the talent with whom they spoke anticipate Kevin Dunn’s departure from the company or forced termination. Additionally, following the second story, it has been reported that Wall Street Journal journalists have contacted former employees.

Vince McMahon’s composed manner at Gorilla was referenced in the note to performers, and it praised them. Many employees and performers said they didn’t even know what Vince McMahon liked to do in his leisure time because he had so little of it when we asked them what he would do going forward at the company. Stay tuned to Ringside News for more updates.

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