Pro wrestling veteran Goldberg started his career back in WCW during the late 90s and cemented himself as an unstoppable force there. He eventually made his way to WWE in 2003 where he even won the World Title. Goldberg left the company in 2004 and returned again in 2016, where he has competed in numerous high profile matches.

Goldberg recently appeared for an interview with SHAK Wrestling. The veteran wrestler discussed wide range of topics that included the rumor about him sabotaging Wyatt. Goldberg also shed light on his relationship with Bret Hart before the kick.

Goldberg did not hold back while giving his flowers to WWE legend Bret Hart. He described himself as a sponge who imbibed in everything that Hart had taught through “osmosis.” Goldberg acknowledged Bret as an “ally” who pushed him in the right direction.

I was a sponge and he taught me. I learned through osmosis from Bret. To have a talent like that down in WCW at a time when I felt as if everyone was trying to expose me and push me in the wrong direction, I saw in him an ally. For what happened to have happened, I’ll be remorseful to the end of my days. For anybody who thinks that was intentional, that is extremely foolish and I’ll just leave it that way.


Bret Hart had bitter feelings about Goldberg for several years. This is because Bret Hart suffered a concussion after Goldberg hit him with a botched kick during a match at Starrcade in 1999. Check out the interview below.

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h/t to SHAK Wrestling.

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