Sasha Banks, now known as Mercedes Varnado, doesn’t want to enter the ring just yet. While she isn’t accepting any bookings or offers to get booked right now, the pro-wrestling phenom has big plans for 2023. Sasha was recently spotted with Bayley at a concert in Orlando

Reddit user “u/dazzo” captured pictures from the event featuring the pro wrestling stars. Sasha and Bayley were rocking super hot shorts and cool shades. The pictures grabbed a lot of eyeballs and users flocked the thread with an array of comments.

Sasha and Bayley at a concert in Orlando yesterday

📸 Credit to u/dazzo from Reddit who took the photos


One Reddit user wrote, “She really needs to show off that juicy -ss more in shorts like this 🤤 And kudos to whoever took this pic.” Another chimed in saying, “Bayley in shorts can stop war. <3” A third one said, “i would let her use my face as a lawn chair i don’t care if i asphyxiate.”

Bayley has seen significant growth over the years, with her becoming one of the most dependable stars in the entire company. She has excelled as both babyface and heel and fans respect her considerably for all she did. Looks like the ladies are having a great time together. Check out the Twitter and Reddit post below.

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