WWE has been promoting the upcoming SummerSlam match between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar as the pair’s final battle. Lesnar and Reigns have competed several times over the years, usually with very high stakes. Their Undisputed WWE Universal Championship match in Nashville seems to be the culmination of their feud.

During the build for the bout, it has been emphasized that Lesnar and Reigns won’t meet again. While that is impossible to predict given the nature of pro wrestling injuries, the plan is to legitimately make this their final match. WWE doesn’t have anything planned between the two in the future.

Dave Meltzer was skeptical on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. He did note that the company does not have future plans for Roman Reigns to wrestle Brock Lesnar. That said, a lot can happen that might change things.

“There’s no plans for any other match between them as of right now, but let’s be serious. You know, I mean guys get hurt, and it’s a match that, you know, bringing Brock back still got a lot of talk and everything like that. The first week, there was a lotta lotta talk on bringing Brock back. We’ll see how much that means this week to a degree, but you know, it’s still SummerSlam. It’s going to be the third biggest show of the year, it always is…”


A lot of fans were disappointed when Brock Lesnar returned to attack Roman Reigns. Many were hoping for a fresh title matchup for SummerSlam. Instead, WWE will once again run back Reigns vs Lesnar.

Time will tell how the match goes and what will follow. If there are no major issues going forward, the two shouldn’t be expected to step into the ring for quite a while. There is always a chance that WWE goes back to the well, but it’s not in their plans to do so.

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Michael Perry

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