Big E is recovering from one of the worst injuries of his career. He got the injury at a bad time at the hands of Ridge Holland. While Big E and Holland were going toe-to-toe on the Friday Night SmackDown episode right before WrestleMania, Big E suffered neck injury. Now we have a bit of good news in Big E’s recovery.

Holland delivered a suplex on Big E as planned, but Big E landed on his head and suffered a broken neck injury. He sustained fractures on his C1 and C6 spinal columns. Big E has taken break from both his singles run and his fun times with The New Day. 

Kofi Kingston recently gave an update on the condition of Big E while going through an Instagram Live session with WWE Deutschland. He talked about the nature of his injury and how well Big E is doing with his recovery. 

He’s doing really, really good man, all things considered. The latest update from his neck was that his C1 wasn’t ossifying, and that’s producing bone, so they’re going to take some CAT Scans, maybe I think six months, and also a year just to see. But other than that, like, he’s been able to come out of the brace. I think he came out of the [neck] braces earlier this month and he’s able to travel. We’re just all trying to take it one day at a time and he doesn’t need surgery, which is a great thing. So, he’s doing really, really well. Getting better and better every single day. Getting stronger and stronger, per usual.

Wrestling Inc.

Big E has been part of The New Day ever since 2014. He joined Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods and became one of the most iconic WWE tag teams. Different pairings of the teams have scored 11 Tag Team Championship reigns. One of their reigns lasted a whopping 483 days, which is a record on its own. 

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