Angelina Pivarnick is an American reality television personality who is best known for starring in the first two seasons of the MTV reality show Jersey Shore and its spin-off, Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. She also appeared on the VH1 show Couples Therapy in 2012. Pivarnick recently called out WWE and Carmella for stealing her line, and that started quite a show on Twitter.

WWE recently tweeted a post in reference to Carmella with the caption, “Ummmm hellooooooooo, what about @CarmellaWWE??? #WWERaw.” The Jersey Shore star immediately took notice and re-tweeted the post. Angelina immediately called out Carmella for stealing her line.

Angelina claimed that Carmella was from Staten Island, and it’s very weird of her to use the phrase “ummmm hello.” This might be a very minor issue, but Angelina seems to be infuriated. She also advised Carmella to come up with her original ideas.

Hey @CarmellaWWE you’re using my line !!! Wtf. Sooo you’re from Staten and you’re using ummmm hello too Hmmmmm #weird #comeupwithyourownsh-t


Carmella is one mainstay of WWE’s women’s division. This is especially true for her current run on the main roster. The Princess of Staten Island is also never afraid to speak up her mind and fire back at her haters. Carmella also clapped back at the celebrity by simply trolling her popularity with a meme GIF that reads, “I DON’T KNOW HER.”

We’ll have to see what happens here. It could be friendly banter, but you never know when WWE is building toward a feud on television via social media. Check out the tweets below.

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