Buff Bagwell is best known for his appearances with World Championship Wrestling from 1991 to 2001. He was a five-time World Tag Team Champion in Ted Turner’s company. Despite his age, he is apparently still living on the edge and also not afraid to advocate for those who deserve his support. He was also quite active on Twitter, but it turns out that wasn’t really him.

Bagwell was thought to be using social media to reconnect with his fans. The former WCW star took a positive approach to Twitter, showing huge support for the LGBTQ community and sharing his opinions on today’s wrestling scene. Most recently, it was revealed that someone else was running Buff’s Twitter account the whole time.

Buff Bagwell’s Twitter account surprised us all once again. He tweeted out to say, “I have informed Michael that our business relationship is over, and that he needs to get people what they are owed. I will continue on him to do so. For now on the only merch available is through my PWT store, marcusbuffbagwell.com or in person at conventions.”

A short time later, Buff Bagwell’s Facebook account was updated, apparently with a message from Michael.


Appreciate everyone’s support of Buff these last few months. I was runnings Buffs twitter and other social media since last year, we have gone our separate ways due to a variety of reasons. I will not say anything bad about Marc and have no problem being the fall guy for whatever issues their are with merchandise.
Enjoyed getting to know you all, though I was posting for Buff it was my beliefs and opinions being tweeted.

Brad Shepard recently took to Twitter to reveal that someone else was running Bagwell’s social media accounts. However, that person has now been fired. Shepard slammed him and dubbed him as an alleged ‘convicted sex offender’ in his latest tweet.

Looks like the convicted sex offender running Buff’s stuff is now fired. Proud to have been publicly attacked and blocked by this loser.

One fan tweeted, “you’re telling me that the buff bagwell account that tweeted like an opinionated wrestling fan in his late 20s wasn’t run by buff bagwell.” Another commented, “Wait? So Buff wasn’t running that Twitter page? That’s wild, I unfollowed months ago when he went far left.”

This is certainly a wild pro wrestling story that we didn’t see coming. Just when fans thought that Buff Bagwell was woke, he swerved us all. You can check out the tweets below.

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