JBL is a WWE Hall of Famer, and rightfully so. After a storied career, winning multiple championships along the way, he can now look back at the legacy he left in the ring. Buff Bagwell recently made a claim about JBL and it did not land well. So, Bradshaw had to set the record straight.

JBL had a reputation for being an outright bully inside the WWE locker room. He allegedly harassed several WWE Superstars over the years. As such, it is no surprise such accusations continue to see the light of day.

Recently, Buff Bagwell took to Twitter and claimed that JBL tried to end his career in a dark segment on Friday Night Smackdown.

Bradshaw attempted to end my career in a dark segment on Smackdown, I’m glad he’s grown up from those days.


JBL saw Buff Bagwell’s tweet and wasted no time replying to it. JBL made it clear that he had “zero intent to injure” Bagwell. He added that the powerbomb was a planned spot, even if it was stiff.

Buff-this is simply not true. It was a powerbomb, a called spot-and I landed you flat, which is safe. No different from anyone else I powerbombed back in the day-stiff, yes, dangerous—no. This is first I’ve heard of this. Not doubting what you thought-but zero intent to injure.

Buff Bagwell was appreciative of JBL’s clarification and admitted that he was “dumb enough to listen” to other people. Thankfully, the conversation ended on a light note as they made their separate ways. This time around, JBL didn’t actually end up doing something bad and that certainly surprised fans.

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Subhojeet Mukherjee

Subhojeet is a professional wrestling fan for over 22 years. He got captivated by the sport during the Monday Night Wars and has a passion for it ever since. He also enjoys TV shows, movies, anime, novels and music, which broadens his perspective and appreciation for wrestling. He is a knowledgeable and respected voice in the industry.

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