Happy Corbin and Pat McAfee have some unfinished business. WWE Money In The Bank was eventful for many WWE superstars. After the premium event went off the air, Happy Corbin got the better of Pat McAfee after attacking him at ringside.

McAfee received some harsh punishment at the hands of Corbin. He was later present at UFC 276 alongside Triple H, Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, and Nick Khan. However, he was wearing a neck brace, indicating that he had to have some recovery.

The star then addressed the encounter on The Pat McAfee Show, and revealed how he got injured from it. He said that Corbin attacked him from over the barricade. He dragged McAfee and hit a Fox executive and a consultant sitting beside him.

Everyone saw my neck brace, that was out of precaution because a scumbag had attacked me immediately following Money in the Bank going off the air on Peacock. Michael Cole and I were just sitting there having our usual nightly wrap-up, ‘that was a f*cking good night.’ Before we can even get our headsets off and get out there, as the entire world was celebrating, some scumbag, by the name of Bum Ass Corbin, literally attacked me from behind the barricade, like a horror film. Drags me over, hits a Fox exec right behind us and a consultant next to him. I actually kicked them both in the whole process of that. Sorry bout it.


The star revealed that Happy Corbin apparently accepted his challenge for a match at WWE SummerSlam to settle their issues. However, he said that he planned to put his foot up Corbin’s ass.

With that being said, Happy Corbin, Bum Ass Corbin, did accept my SummerSlam challenge, so it is on. Once this neck heals, I’m gonna go in and beat that guy’s ass. This foot right here is gonna end up, up the ass of Bum Ass Corbin!

Pat McAfee seemed to have recovered from his injury. While he wore the neck brace at UFC 276, he was present without it on Tuesday’s Show. In any case, Corbin might have hell to pay on the upcoming WWE pay-per-view. In other mentions of McAfee, Adam Cole recently said that he’s talented jerk.

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