Matt Hardy has been through a lot in his career. However, when Jeff Hardy came around in AEW as well, The Hardys were reunited once again for absolute mayhem. Now that Jeff Hardy is hopefully only temporarily out of the fold, Matt Hardy has to reassess his next step in AEW.

Jeff Hardy was arrested for DUI just days before the two were going to compete in a huge match. As per the schedule, The Hardy Boys were going to be in tag-team ladder match at AEW Dynamite: Road Rager. Since the AEW World Tag Team Championship was on the line, it’s a big opportunity that they missed.

Matt Hardy apparently realizes this, and talked about it in the latest episode of Being The Elite. The star referred to multiple instances in which they were on a successful path, but something bad happened. He talked about how at AEW it finally seemed like they were on the right track to cement their legacy. However, the DUI arrest happened.

I don’t put that on Jeff. I don’t blame Jeff for that. I look in the mirror and go I’m the one that keeps bringing him back. I’m the one that is obsessed with this legacy of proving ourselves as one of the greatest tag teams ever. Maybe it’s taught me one thing I can say with clarity is that not winning the AEW World Tag Team Titles has left me broken. But Not Broken in the fun, fantastical way not at all, certainly. Broken in reality. So why do I give a shit about anything anymore?


Matt Hardy took to The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, and talked about what’s in the store for him next. He spoke a great deal about his brother, and said that his health and well-being comes before his wrestling. He added that he could take many directions in the ring and use the real-life as a jumping off point.

Start a new version of Matt Hardy and build it off of the real-life scenario, which there are a lot of things that I’m very upset and disappointed about that we didn’t have this run that I really wanted to have, and the take I tried to put on but by saying maybe it was on me because I’m the one so obsessed with cementing our legacy, maybe I’m here and I’m all in for it. But maybe Jeff isn’t. Maybe it’s my fault for bringing Jeff back into this. Maybe he’s not as committed as I am to becoming one of the greatest tag teams ever or really trying to cement that legacy. Maybe he’s kind of done. Maybe he’s checked out. So I think there’s a lot of different interesting directions I can go from this. I figure a lot of people are going to watch that and they think I’m going to go on and I’m going to complain about Jeff, or be upset with, Jeff or disappointed with Jeff, and I tried to steer completely in a different direction

Matt Hardy said that he doesn’t put any blame on Jeff Hardy. He acknowledged that he is the one who keeps trying to get Jeff Hardy into the fold. While their legacy is his own obsession, The Hardy Boys have done quite a lot to establish it. It’s something that nobody can take from them, despite their chaotic real lives.

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Nitish Vashishtha

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