Wardlow is a menacing presence in the AEW roster. His last interaction with MJF proved to be pretty fatal. MJF locked horns with Wardlow at AEW Double or Nothing, and ended up leaving the ring on a stretcher. 

MJF then appeared on the subsequent AEW Dynamite episode, where he cut his famed promo. He called Tony Khan to fire him, all the while calling him “f**king mark.” Nobody has heard from the star since, while AEW dropped any mention of him on their social media as well as their websites. 

Wardlow apparently doesn’t care even a little about where his former competitor went. He was asked about MJF’s promo at the K&S WrestleFest signing, and simply said, “Next question.” After he was pressed some more on where he thought MJF was, the star fully denied knowing anything about it. 

I know nothing about nothing. Nobody knows. I don’t care. I personally don’t care. Nobody knows.


The AEW superstar was then asked a last question on the topic. When the fan asked if he knew anything about what MJF would say, he said that there’s almost no monitoring about what the AEW stars have to say in the ring. 

For the most part, we write our own (material). They just hand us microphones and we go out there and say what we want. There’s really no monitoring what we say when we go out there,

Wardlow and MJF have been linked with each other throughout their careers. Wardlow came to the forefront as MJF’s bodyguard. As he found his freedom from MJF’s contract at Double or Nothing, fans thought he would have some insight on the situation. Tony Khan has been asked to comment on MJF multiple times, and still hasn’t commented so far

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