The Blackpool Combat Club is a lethal bunch of AEW superstars. The club is a dominating force on both AEW Dynamite and Rampage. It was initially had former WWE champions Jon Moxley & Bryan Danielson. They were being guided by another figure from WWE’s past, William Regal.

The club now has more talent, and a different direction altogether. Moxley appeared on his wife’s podcast, The Sessions with Renee Paquette. The former AEW World Champion talked about how an unplanned decision led to a new member in the BCC.

The thing with Wheeler was an accident. I was supposed to wrestle Brian Kendrick, hour before the show, that match is not happening … The show starts in an hour and Tony was like, ‘Wheeler!’ … so we go and have a little match. That was either before or after Bryan did the promo, and he’s one of the guys, I think Bryan mentioned him by name, and then it just like, very naturally happened and before you know it, he’s in the group.

The last minute mix up led to Wheeler becoming part of the BCC. While Kendrick was supposed to be at his place, fate had something else planned for the BCC altogether. Wheeler Yuta was the third member of the BCC.


Yuta’s addition came after his second match against Moxley of the year. That was third match which involved both Yuta and Moxley. Even though Moxley left Yuta in the dust the first two times, the third time led to the two forming an alliance April 6 episode of “AEW: Rampage.

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