AEW and New Japan Pro Wrestling will present the much-anticipated Forbidden Door pay-per-view this Sunday night. While both promotions have done their best to get as much top talent on the card as possible, politics have kept some stars from competing in Chicago. Tony Khan is doing his best to make it up to those wrestlers.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about the situation between CMLL, AAA, and NJPW which kept Andrade and the Lucha Bros off Forbidden Door. Andrade El Idolo and Rey Fenix were among those who will not be allowed to work the event due to a deal that makes CMLL the exclusive provider of Mexican wrestlers to NJPW. Tony Khan offered them a chance to shine on this week’s Rampage to make it right (spoilers follow).

“It [Rampage] opened with Andrade and Rey Fenix. I heard this match was great, and essentially what this match is there for is, because as we all know, both of these guys for political reasons from being AAA, Fenix is a AAA guy, Andrade got painted with a AAA brush even though he’s not a AAA guy. The basic thing is that, I guess that the gist is that why Andrade can’t wrestle while FTR and Sammy Guevara can on this show is because CMLL is the exclusive provider of Mexican wrestlers to New Japan Pro Wrestling.

So, if you are a Mexican wrestler and it’s a New Japan card, and this is a New Japan card, you have to come from CMLL and Andrade used to work for CMLL and left CMLL which makes it bad, so he’s on the list. Fenix is not a CMLL guy. They’re not allowed on the show.


Tony Khan basically booked this match and told them to, ‘Go out there, and have your f*cking pay-per-view match on Friday night,’ and they had their pay-per-view match on Friday night. I heard it was a great match. Finish was the ref was distracted and Rush showed up and cost him. He debuted and gave Fenix a low blow and then they pulled the mask off after the match. Andrade beat him with the hammerlock DDT, so I heard that was really worth watching.”

Andrade and Fenix weren’t able to show their stuff at Forbidden Door. It sounds like they were allowed to have an incredible bout on Rampage instead. Fans who were disappointed that the two could not compete at the pay-per-view will be tuning in on Friday night to see what they might have missed out on.

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