Vince McMahon is making headlines for a very undesirable reason. The former WWE Chairman & CEO recently passed on his reins to former Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon. This temporary move gives Stephanie all the power, while Vince takes a step back to deal with his current situation.

WWE SmackDown’s 17th June episode saw Vince McMahon cutting an opening promo. While most people thought he would address the move and the investigation, he just welcomed the fans to the show. According to some it was all bit tone-deaf.

Ringside News exclusively reported that Vince McMahon wanted everyone to see him smile backstage. He also did not rip up the script at any point yesterday.

Fightful revealed behind their paywall that some WWE talents and staffers gave their take on the promo a day later. The SmackDown talent gave in-depth detail of how Vince was during the show. One talent said that while they expected a lot of activity, nobody knew what Vince was going to say.


The show cooled down until its kick off and that Vince was actually happy. Another talent said that Vince McMahon was doing things with a lot more hands-on approach than usual. The happy atmosphere was a pleasant surprise, as most expected the show to be glum. Another talent said that Vince McMahon showed in his own way that he’s handling what’s in front of him.

He’s basically showing through his promo that he handles what’s in front of him and he’s not running

Vince McMahon is still reeling with the PR nightmare that was the revelation that he is under investigation from the board. McMahon apparently settled a number of cases with female ex-employees and got them to sign NDAs. A lot of people in WWE knew about McMahon’s relationship with the paralegal.

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