Thunder Rosa was at the center of a recent controversy when a fan pointed out that it looked like she was being unsafe in the ring with Marina Shafir. Shafir and Britt Baker both liked the fan’s tweet. The AEW Women’s World Champion has now responded to those allegations.

During Rosa’s match with Marina Shafir on last week’s Dynamite, fans pointed out several spots where it looked like she was sandbagging her opponent. After Shafir and Baker liked the fan tweet accusing her of doing so, the story spread like wildfire. Rosa was asked about the situation by Ariel Helwani on The MMA Hour.

“No. I’m going to say it like I said in the New York Post. I have nothing but respect for my opponents. Anyone that dares to stand in the ring with me, I have nothing but respect to my opponents and I send them nothing but my blessings. Moving on forward, I will continue to work harder to have the best matches I can bring and to bring the most opportunities for all the women that are behind me so when they step in the ring with me, they’re like, ‘OK, cool.’

Like I said, people are going to talk and that’s fine. I’m not worried about it. I will continue to move forward and I will continue to show with my body of work what I am all about. That’s all I have to say.”


This was not the first time that Thunder Rosa was accused of being rough in the squared circle. Ivelisse blamed Rosa’s performance for getting her fired from AEW. Rosa says she would never do such a thing.

Thunder Rosa is hoping to move forward from the rumors. She has committed herself to being better each time she wrestles. Rosa wants her work in the ring to do the talking.

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