Thunder Rosa issued an open challenge on last week’s Dynamite which was answered by Marina Shafir. Some fans thought something looked a little “off” about Shafir’s match against the AEW Women’s World Champion. That may have been confirmed by both Marina and Britt Baker, who each liked a tweet accusing Rosa of sandbagging during the match.

A fan tweeted that the bout was an obvious example of sandbagging and no-selling. The author later mentioned in the replies that he was referring to the Thunder Rosa vs Marina Shafir matchup. Judging by who liked it, it is clear Thunder Rosa is being accused of being uncooperative in the ring.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a match where somebody so obviously tried to make themselves look better than their opponent by sandbagging and no selling, but I just saw a perfect example of it on Dynamite.

It might just look like a bad match to the untrained eye but it’s pretty clear when somebody doesn’t want to play ball. Which sucks because it just makes you and your opponent look bad.”


Ivelisse posted a tweet taking a victory lap after seeing the drama unfold. She was famously bashed by fans after blaming Thunder Rosa for bad match that got her ousted from All Elite Wrestling. This now appears to be a growing sentiment.

Fans will have to wait and see what kind of fallout stems from the situation. Thunder Rosa is the top women’s champion in AEW. It could be a bad look for the company if she winds up getting a reputation for being unwilling to cooperate in the ring.

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