Toni Storm has made no mistake about how miserable she was in her final days with WWE. She has stated in interviews that she felt stifled creatively and was no longer having fun wrestling. If one pitched storyline wasn’t scrapped, Toni could have had a different experience.

Storm recently opened up about her negative time with WWE on Talk is Jericho. The new AEW star spoke about some of the ideas the company had for her while she was competing on SmackDown. Nothing ever seemed to stick.

One of those pitched angles was a love triangle. Toni Storm would have been involved with Rick Boogs and Dolph Ziggler had the story moved forward. Instead, it never went anywhere and Storm was left feeling directionless.

“They put me in a debut match. That seemed to go well. It seemed like something was going to happen and nothing really did. There was bits and pieces here and there, like, ‘Oh, you’re in love with Rick Boogs and the love triangle with Dolph Ziggler,’ and that never really went anywhere. Just bits and pieces here and there.


And then I was working with Charlotte and stuff seemed to be picking up from there, but then, with a lot of contributing factors, kind of just led to me saying, ‘You know what? I can’t f*cking do this anymore and I need to change my life because, to be honest, I’m so depressed here.'”

Toni Storm ultimately got fed up with her direction in WWE and walked out. Since then, she has been heavily featured as a member of the AEW women’s division. Time will tell if things go better for her in Tony Khan’s company.

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