Stephanie McMahon started her leave of absence few weeks ago, and people are still talking about it. A new report emerged that the company was trying to push her out. An article also ran that buried Stephanie McMahon a bit that was believed to have been planted by those in her own father’s company. Obviously, there is a lot to unpack here.

Sean Sapp reported behind his paywall that some in WWE have said that Stephanie wasn’t pushed out of the company. Still, others have indicated that there were “performance issues” that the Billion Dollar Princess could improve on, but it wasn’t enough to fire her over.

Those that were involved with WWE ahead of the Nick Khan regime were letting people know that wasn’t the case even [she was pushed out] before the news dropped. However, some hires in the new regime were quick to say that there were performance issues and things to improve upon, but not along the lines that it was something that caused the end of her job. Sources from both regimes say that the decision was hers.

It was also noted that “until last week” Stephanie McMahon was included in the production email list. Her name was among all other staff who are privy to that type of information. Then she was not included in Monday’s email for RAW. This was “chalked up to” as a “housekeeping” update.


We will have to see what Stephanie McMahon does next. Triple H still works in the offices, and her father still runs the company. Stephanie McMahon might eventually return, but it seems that the company is carrying on without her.

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