Wardlow has been receiving a lot of comparisons to Bill Goldberg lately. His security escort to the ring during his feud with MJF was the most obvious comparison. The conductor of the powerbomb symphony also nearly got an additional bit of the former world champion added to his presentation.

It was recently reported that Wardlow would be getting new music. That music was supposed to debut at Double or Nothing. Instead, Wardlow had no music and in his next appearance was back to his old entrance song.

The reason is that the new music Mikey Rukus worked on for Wardlow was a little too much like Goldberg’s iconic theme. While the parallels are there to make fair comparisons between the two, many fans would have thought a ripoff entrance song was too much. For now, the tune is on the shelf, according to Sean Ross Sapp on Fightful Select audio.

“Wardlow had a new theme produced, but it was not used. I’m told that it was a little on the nose for some of the comparisons he’s gotten to Goldberg, but I guess maybe we’ll hear it.”


Wardlow’s huge win over MJF was overshadowed by Friedman’s drama over Double or Nothing Weekend. After his huge victory, he was suddenly in an angle with “Smart” Mark Sterling. Many fans don’t believe that is the right direction for the Wardog.

Time will tell if any tweaks are made to Wardlow’s presentation. For now, the Goldberg-like music is a complete mystery. AEW might decide to release it at some point, but at the moment, Wardlow will be using his old theme.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Michael Perry

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