Madcap Moss finally got his revenge on Happy Corbin at last night’s Hell in Cell premium live event. After the former team broke up in April, Corbin viciously attacked Moss, keeping him out of action for a short while. Corbin even got a stretcher job post-match after Madcap Pillmanized his neck.

Corbin teased that he would once again use a chair to injure his former partner. In the end, Moss got the upper hand after slamming Corbin into the ring steps. Moss then gave his opponent a taste of his own medicine.

Madcap Moss finished the match by crushing Corbin’s neck in a steel chair. It certainly looked like it was a way to write Corbin out of the storyline for a while. Dave Meltzer discussed the angle on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio.

“The thing is, that looked like an injury angle… He could be back next week. I looked at that and it’s like, OK, he should be out for however long. A couple weeks at least.”


Madcap Moss has put the jokes aside for what became a very serious feud. The no disqualification match at Hell in a Cell saw him exact some revenge on his abusive former friend. Now, Corbin will miss some time to sell the injury.

We will have to see how long Happy Corbin stays on the shelf. The change in Madcap’s attitude paid off in the short term. We’ll see if Corbin comes back seeking his pound of flesh.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Michael Perry

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