CM Punk was injured and Ryback was quick to comment. He didn’t stop talking about the Second City Savior during his live stream, he also didn’t appreciate being asked why he’s jealous of Punk.

Ryback made it clear that he wasn’t celebrating CM Punk’s injury, but then he explained the meaning behind his tweet. The Big Guy spoke about “the rules of Karma,” and how CM Punk has “done a lot of very bad things” to him and other people.

After admitting that CM Punk has “a large fan base,” Ryback proceeded to say that “anyone who says that they’re a sociopath at the head of their profile, then you need to maybe take a look at things.” Ryback said that he is a likeable guy and “I get along with pretty much most people,” but CM Punk has “gone out of his way and lied” several times.

Ryback also made it clear that “it’s my situation and my business.” He wasn’t celebrating an injury. He then proceeded to drag Punk’s history in the UFC into the situation.


We all saw what happened when he went to the UFC. He got his ass kicked and handed to him. He had no business being there and he deserved every bit of it, he deserved worse. People say ‘move on,’ and I have moved on.”

Ryback said “my cool stuff is coming up,” because he had a chance to work on his health and get back into shape after recovering his injuries. The Big Guy claims that he wasn’t happy about CM Punk’s injury, but that doesn’t change the fact that Karma rules.

We’ll have to see where this little feud leads next. Odds are Ryback will continue harboring a big grudge against CM Punk. The jury is still out whether he’s jealous of Punk since Ryback didn’t even want to answer that Super Chat question.

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Transcription by Ringside News

H Jenkins

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