Jeff Hardy is one of the most established pro wrestlers in the history of pro wrestling as he has put his body on the line numerous times for fans. Hardy has competed all over the world in various promotions, becoming a better entertainer everywhere. WWE also wanted an angle featuring Broken Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy’s Willow and The Fiend.

Matt Hardy used to work with Bray Wyatt back in 2018, and they were known as ‘The Deleters Of Worlds.’ Once Wyatt debuted his Fiend gimmick back in 2019, the company had some interesting plans for both Hardys.

While speaking on the Extreme Life of Matt Hardy podcast, Matt Hardy revealed that WWE wanted his ‘Broken’ character to team up with Jeff Hardy’s Willow and feud against The Fiend.

“There was a pitch to get me to try to re-sign my contract… They set a big match with Bray [Wyatt] at WrestleMania and they said, ‘What if we did something now where Bray is doing something as the Fiend and people are trying to stop him and then all of a sudden there’s an appearance of a very hardcore Matt Hardy or Jeff Hardy? But then we see on the talk show where Bray is and he’s talking to all the kids and then you see Broken Matt, and Willow the Wisp shows up.


Which sounded very cool and awesome but I also knew at that time that would probably last six or seven weeks and then it would be done so I was already mentally checked out.”

Hardy made it clear he wanted a Willow vs Fiend feud in WWE, but it never happened in the end. Hardy also recently stated that there is chance of the Willow appearing in AEW. We’ll have to see whether The Willow will appear in AEW or not.

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