WWE is anticipating huge live gate for their upcoming Clash at the Castle premium live event. It is the biggest event the company has held in the UK in decades. Fans pre-registered for tickets in droves when the show was announced.

Many of those excited fans became disappointed when they realized how much it would cost them to get in the door. Clash at the Castle tickets resulted in thousands of people changing their minds about attending the show. Clash tickets are the highest-priced in WWE history.

Dave Meltzer explained WWE’s unique pricing strategy on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. The company scaled ticket prices to make the most possible money from the hardcore fans who would buy at any price. The cheapest tickets for the event were around $250, and that was for nosebleed seats.

“It’s the highest ever because they scaled it… So, the all-time record for WWE, which I believe is the first time that they were in AT&T Stadium where they legitimately drew 80,000 people. That was a $17 million gate. This one was scaled, at the current prices, for a $21 million gate with less seats available than were going to be available.


So, it would be much higher ticket prices than any WrestleMania because they counted on the idea that it’s the first one and the demand was heavy, so they jacked up the prices real high. It’s weird because people would go in there, and they would try to get the cheapest ticket, and they were told it was £225, which is about $240-250. And then, they would turn it down. But then, later, other people were getting as low as… There are people who got in for £40 for upper deck seats, which is, you know, 50 bucks roughly, which isn’t that insane, but most people couldn’t even get those. Sometimes, you’d go in and people would get seats, you know, and then you would get seats in the same section that would be ridiculously different in prices because there were rapidly changing prices and everything. So, the gist here is, because people are just complaining about the ticket prices, and they were. It’s the most expensive ticket prices in the history of the company, that they were charging for this event.

The idea is that they figure the demand was so big that they would get them, and if it wasn’t, you go in there and you restructure the prices and then you get the people later for lower prices. So, it was like, the people who really wanted tickets and really wanted the front row and the real avid fans, and many of them bought tickets at a really, really expensive price today. I don’t know the number. Obviously, nowhere close to anything full or anything like that.”

Fans who were frustrated with the pricing may want to check back in from time to time. WWE plans to lower the prices to a more reasonable level now that the initial rush is over. Once the initial demand has fallen off, the price tag should become much easier to swallow.

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Michael Perry

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