WWE is expecting to bring in an enormous gate from ticket sales to the upcoming Clash at the Castle premium live event. The show takes place in Cardiff, Wales, where fans have long been waiting for the chance to attend a huge WWE show. Many of those fans decided to change their plans once they saw the insane ticket prices to attend.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer talked about the situation. WWE fans queued up online to get their hands on prime seats for the massive UK event. Once they saw how much WWE was charging, a ton of them decided to back out.

“I said there were 20,000 people in the queue for Forbidden Door. When they were done with tickets, there were still 20,000 people there. Of course, there were only 11,000 tickets you could get. So, there were so many people who got turned away.

In this one [Clash at the Castle], they went through lots and lots of people who were ready to buy tickets, saw the prices, and did not buy tickets. And by a couple of hours in, there were zero people in the queue. I mean, there was like no wait at all. When I say zero, I mean zero. I think it was like three or four hours in. So, they went through that 20,000 and did not sell 60,000 tickets or anything like that. Which, that number would’ve indicated, a number in that range, 55-60,000 tickets, because the average person buys 2.9 tickets, 2.8, but they came nothing close to that and all I heard was from people all afternoon and morning, just about how, ‘I was there, I was ready to buy,’ and some people, ‘I bought, I bought,’ which is fine, and other people are just like, ‘I am not buying at these prices.’


And the idea was to get as much money as possible from this and then you lower the prices everywhere and try to get people to buy at the lower price, which is what WWE has been doing for big shows of late. That’s the new strategy that they have, which is taken from the fact that everyone has seen that the scalpers have been making a killing, and we’ve gone through that. Not just with wrestling, but for everything. The Super Bowl was $8862 for an average ticket by the scalpers which was a huge markup.”

WWE expects sales to pick up once the initial high prices are lowered. The plan was to make as much money as they could on the hardcore fans who would pay anything. There are plenty of great seats available for those who are willing to be a little more patient.

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Transcription by Ringside News

Michael Perry

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