AEW signed many members of their initial roster to three-year deals. Some of those deals have already ended, such as Cody Rhodes, Jack Evans, and Stu Grayson. Jim Ross recently re-signed for another 18 months. Several other stars who joined AEW just before their first Las Vegas event will soon have their contracts nearing expiration.

Dave Meltzer discussed the situation on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. It is not known exactly who is in the group that signed just before the initial Vegas show. Those who did will either have to sign new deals or move on to the next chapter of their careers.

“He had signed a three-year deal right about this time last year. We’re right at the time where the people who were signed prior to the first show, because the first round of people were the people who were signed on the first week of the year, like January 1st essentially, the Young Bucks and Kenny Omega was like February actually. But, like Jericho, and Cody Rhodes and all that, so they were due at the top of the year.

Danielson and Kazarian were early also. Scorpio Sky was early also. And, Moxley would probably be one of those guys if he signed a three-year deal. The three years would be up, I don’t know there’s like a… I don’t know the deals as far as like if he has an option or whatever like that. But, all the people who would’ve debuted at that first show in Vegas that signed three-year deals, and JR would’ve been one of those people, where he debuted on that show, their deals are coming up now.


So, that’s going to be interesting to see. Obviously, Stu Grayson’s deal just came up and they didn’t resign him, which is the most publicized. But, JR signed for 18 months, which is an interesting number.”

AEW has a very lengthy roster at this time. There are sure to be some wrestlers who do not get renewed when their deals expire. News on who those talents are could be coming any time as several three-year AEW contracts are set to expire very soon.

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