Danhausen has quickly cemented his place as one of AEW’s most popular characters. The very nice, very evil star even got post-show moment with William Regal and the Blackpool Combat Club after a recent Dynamite taping. Although he lost to Tony Nese in dominating fashion last week, Danhausen has aligned himself with Hook to form a new team that fans have been clamoring for weeks to see.

William Regal is often seen as a more serious, old-school character. That doesn’t mean His Lordship has an issue working with someone like Danhausen. Regal was often called upon to put over comedy characters in WWE as well.

Speaking with Bleacher Report’s Chris Mueller, Regal talked about why he had no problem putting over a comedy wrestler. Regal would rather see people succeed than act like a tough guy all the time. It is not as if this is the first time he has done this sort of thing.

“Mr. McMahon brought me into his office once to work with Vito in a dress. And he said, ‘Darren, can you work with this fella? Because I’ve given him this character and nobody else will be able to get it over as you can.’ If you go back and watch, it was me that was supposedly this tough guy getting my head stuck up his dress, selling it for him getting up. If he was on with anyone else, it wasn’t working as well. I did the same with Santino, to make sure his stuff worked well. And I helped him with a lot of stuff, he’ll tell you this. But you’ve got to have the right people with you to put the stuff over.


So, Danhausen is just another person. I go out there and I’m happy to put his stuff over because I know I can get it back if I need it. I’ll put it over and I’ll make it because that’s my job. I’m a professional and my job is to sell the other person I’m on with, because if I do that and they do that for me, then it works. If you work for New Japan, and I have, everybody looks back at the ‘everybody is killing each other days.’ But when you’re on the road, there’s a lot of humorous stuff going on. They have Yano now who does this stuff. It’s always been there, if 1000 guys are doing the comedy at the moment, I’m happy to put it over.”

Danhausen and Hook are set to take on Tony Nese and Smart Mark Sterling on the Buy-In preshow at Double or Nothing. Hookhausen has taken the fan base by storm. William Regal is more than happy to have helped make Danhausen a fan favorite.

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