It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • FTW Championship: Ricky Starks vs. Jungle Boy
  • The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarterfinals: Adam Cole vs. Dax Harwood
  • The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarterfinals: Darby Allin vs. Jeff Hardy
  • The Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Quarterfinals: Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter
  • CM Punk vs. John Silver
  • Danhausen vs. Tony Nese
  • Jericho Appreciation Society’s Victory Speech
  • MJF and Wardlow’s Contract Signing

JR welcomes us to the show as Adam Cole’s music hits! Cole makes his entrance for our first match, the Owen Hart Foundation Quarterfinals. FTR’s music hits to bring out Dax Harwood who makes his entrance alone, without Cash Wheeler. Dr Martha Hart is seen watching from the crowd.

The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarterfinals: Adam Cole vs. Dax Harwood


Lock up, break in the corner. Cole face washes Dax. Lock up, Cole wrings the arm, Dax with a headlock takeover. Cole escapes, Harwood with a big chop. Dax with strikes in the ropes, uppercut, Cole hits a knee to the midsection. Cole with strikes on the mat, neckbreaker, boots in the corner. Cole with more strikes in the ropes, Dax slides under the legs and hits a big right hook. Dax goes for a Sharpshooter but Cole escapes and gets a rollup, 2 count.

Cole throws Dax ribs first into the ring post. Cole then throws Dax into the steel steps. Cole throws Dax into the steel steps again. Cole focuses on the injured ribs with strikes.

Picture in Picture.

Dax whipped hard into the turnbuckles. Strikes back and forth, Cole with a big elbow strike, Dax falls into the ropes. Dax hits a German and hands on, another German, Cole goes behind and hits a German of his own, Dax then hits another German. Dax goes to the top, Cole rolls out of the way but Dax jumps down and hits a Slingshot Powerbomb, cover, 2 count.

Cole hits a Brainbuster on the knee, cover, 2 count. Cole tunes up the band… Dax ducks under a Superkick, gets a rollup, 2 count. Dax hits a springboard crossbody, cover, 2 count. Dax goes for another crossbody but Cole hits a superkick, cover, 2 count. Dax gets a quick rollup, 2 count.

Cole with a kick to the gut, Dax blocks a Panama Sunrise and hits a Spinebuster. Cole with an up kick, Dax reverses another Panama Sunrise and hits a Piledriver, cover, 2 count. Dax locks in a Sharpshooter, but his injure ribs give out and he cant hold on. Cole knocks Dax off the apron and he falls to the outside.

Dax goes to climb in the ring, he falls on the ropes but just gets in at 9. Cole locks in a Sharpshooter, Dax tries to escapes, he hands onto the ref but he is forced to tap out!

WINNER: Adam Cole!

A Jeff Hardy/Darby Allin video package.

Casey Jost and Brain “Q” Quinn from Impractical Jokers are watching from the crowd.

Hangman Page makes his entrance and joins commentary. Cult of Personality hits and CM Punk makes his entrance. Punk is wearing a New York jersey, the last time he was in New York he did a heel promo. Punk cuts the music and walks down to the ring to boos. “The Meat Man” John Silver makes his entrance accompanied by the Dark Order. Silver hugs Q in the front row.

CM Punk vs. John Silver

Lock up, Silver forced to the corner. Duelling chants, Punk leaves the ring and taunts the crowd. Another lock up, Punk gets a headlock, Silver escapes and hits a shoulder tackle. Silver gets a backslide, 2 count. Punk leaves the ring again, Silver chases him but Punk gets the advantage with an elbow drop. Silver with strikes in the corner, then boots, the forearms in the ropes. Punk blocks an Tornado DDT and hits a clothesline.

Picture in Picture.

Silver dodges a clothesline in the corner, Silver with strikes, Punk counters a clothesline into a backslider, Silver with a flurry of kicks, and hits a Brainbuster, cover, 2 count. Silver with a running forearm in the corner, the hits a tornado DDT out of the corner, cover, 2 count. Punk with a roundhouse kick, running knee in the corner into a short arm clothesline.

Punk hits a leg lariat, stares at Page on commentary then hits a Buckshot Lariat! Punk covers, 1, 2, 3!


Page looks pissed and storms down to the ring. Page and Punk go face to face, Punk asks if Page is mad. It sounds like Page is taking this personally. It isn’t personal to him, its just business. He used to ask himself if he was a good guy, this morning his ask if he was the champ? His answer was yes. Last week Page said he wouldn’t shake his hand, tonight is a blueprint for what happens at Double or Nothing. Pag will shake his hand weather he is conscious or unconscious. Punk offers and handshake, Page gives him the finger.

Tony Schiavone is with Team Baker. Baker says there is still a conspiracy against her as she ahs to face the Joker. When storms first come rolling in, the violent and exiting, but they pass. The storm is over. The better female will win if Baker and Hayter face each other on the Semis.

Danhausen makes his entrance. Tony Nese is already in the ring, with Smart Mark Sterling.

Danhausen vs. Tony Nese

Nese flexes, Danhausen puts a curse on Nese, Nese runs in with a Running Nese and covers Danhausen, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Tony Nese!

Sterling asks if we are shocked, because he isn’t. Nese hits another Running Nese to Danhausen. Nese will take out all of your internet meme wrestlers… Hook’s music hits and he strides down to the ring. Nese and Sterling leave the ring as Hook enters. Hooks stares them down and they leave. Danhausen offers a handshake to Hook… Hook shakes to a huge pop! Hooks leaves.

Commercial Break.

“Boo Wardlow” appears on the video wall and Wardlow is escorted to the ring handcuffed. A Dark Side of the Ring parody video package plays and Chris Jericho narrates a MJF/Wardlow video package. The crowd chants for MJF and he gets a huge reaction as MJF makes his entrance. MJF is wearing the same jersey as CM Punk was, he high fives all the fans at ringside, soaking in the adulation.

The ring is filled with balloons and security guards. MJF says he loves these crazy sons of bitches, but unfortunately we have to talk to Wardlow. This is a true underdog story, a young Jewish kid from the holy land, not Israel, but Long Island New York, vs, the big dumb stupid oaf.

Since he is so salt of the earth, he will give Wardlow a chance to talk to his people. Under no circumstances does he want anybody to boo Wardlow (wink wink). Huge boos for Wardlow as he tries to speak. MJF says fine he wont let him speak, lets talk conditions. MJF says Wardlow is kind of the worse. MJF tease his 2024 contract. He’s gonna take off his belt and whip Wardlow, not once but how many times Shawn Spears? “10”, Wardlow will have to wrestle Spears in a Cage. This Cage match will have a Special Referee, MJF! If Wardlow loses at Double or Nothing, he will never be allowed to sign a contract with AEW forever. Wardlow signs the contract, but cants because he is wearing handcuffs. MJF tells security to uncuff Wardlow…

Wardlow stands up, signs the contract, then stands up to security. He takes out all of the security guards as MJF screams and hides behind Spears. Wardlow fights off the whole security team then takes out Spears with one shot. Wardlow goes after MJF, MJF tries to run away but Wardlow catches him. Wardlow goes for a Powerbomb but Sterling jumps on his back and MJF escapes. Wardlow shakes Sterling off, sets up the table, then Powerbombs Sterling through the table!

Commercial Break.

Video package for Samoa Joe vs. the Joker next week.

Jungle Boy makes his entrance alone, without Luchasaurus. Taz has joined commentary and the FTW Champion Ricky Starks makes his entrance.

FTW Championship: Ricky Starks vs. Jungle Boy

Lock up, Jungle Boy with a drop toe hold, Starks gets a headlock then slaps the back of Jungle Boy’s head. Jungle Boy with a takedown, shots to the back, snapmare, Starks with his won snapmare, cover, 1 count. Both men evenly matched.

Jungle Boy with a right hand, Starks with a knee to the back, Starks with an armdrag then poses for the crowd. Jungle Boy with a right hand, then does a Lucha arm drag into a dropkick. Starks escapes the ring .

Picture in Picture.

Starks with a body scissor, Jungle Boy elbows his way out. Jungle Boy with a back elbow, forearms, Jungle Boy with a running back elbow, then hits a lariat. Jungle Boy with a high kick, Starks blocks a Tornado DDT, Jungle Boy gets a knee and hits a DDT, cover, 2 count. Starks with a backslide, 2 count. Jungle Boy escapes Roshambo, Jungle Boy with a big thrust kick, cover, 2 count. Starks hits a Spear, cover, 2 count. Jungle Boy locks in the Snaretrap, Starks drags himself to the ropes.

Swerve Strickland runs down, distracting Starks, Jungle Boy gets a rollup, gets a visible 3 count with the ref is distracted, Starks hits the Roshambo, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: “And Still” FTW Champion, Ricky Starks!

Swerve looks disappointed at ringside, Christian and Luchasaurus walk down to the ring, they argue with Swerve. Team Taz square to to Swerve. Keith Lee’s music hits and he walks down to stand by Swerve. Jurassic Express, Team Taz and Lee and Swerve stare each other down. Jungle Boy looks disappointed in the ring. Christian pats him on the shoulder and hugs him.

Commercial Break.

The Jericho Appreciation Society make their entrance for a victory speech. Parker welcomes us to their victory speech. Manard asks if we want to know what turns him on? Being a part of the JAS. Jericho says there are a lot of hometown heroes tonight and he is one of them. He moved away quickly though as this place is a dump. He is the Wizard and he will throw a fireball in your face.

They did exactly what they said they would do, they eliminated Santana, Ortiz and Kingston. Jericho 2:16 says I just burned your face. Kingston ahs to stay home and take care of his wife, but if she doesn’t, she can give him a call. Sports Entertainers beat Pro Wrestlers every single time… Jon Moxley’s music hits!

Moxley walks through the crowd. As Moxley gets to ringside, Jericho says he better turn around before he goes on another 3 month sabbatical. Bryan Danielson’s music hits to bring out the Blackpool combat Club. Jericho says there is still only 4 of them and 5 of us. Kingston, Santana and Ortiz appear behind the JAS. JAS are surrounded then get beat down by the BCC, Kingston, Santana and Ortiz. Regal hits Jericho with a right hand! JAS escape up the ramp.

Video package for Serena Deeb vs. Thunder Rosa.

Jamie Hayter makes her entrance, Rebel and Baker accompany her to the stage. Toni Storm is out next.

The Owen Hart Foundation Women’s Tournament Quarterfinals: Toni Storm vs. Jamie Hayter

Lock up, Storm gets a headlock, Hayter reverse into her own headlock. Storm gets a cover, Hayter escapes. Test of strength, Storm powered to the mat, cover, 1 count. Storm with a dropkick, forearm, Hayter hits a running knee.

Picture in Picture.

Hayter with a chop, Storm chops back, chops back and forth. Double elbow strikes floor both women. Storm with a running hip attack, DDT, Hayter falls to the outside, Storm hits a Tornado DDT. Storm with a crossbody, cover, 2 count. Hayter with a Backbreaker, cover, 2 count. Storm with a German, Storm with forearms on the apron, Hayter hits a Uranage on the apron.

Hayter with a headbutt, then a Superplex, Storm gets an inside cradle, 2 count. Storm hits the Storm Zero, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Toni Storm!

Video package for Scorpio Sky vs. Kazarian for the TNT Championship. Kazarian is interviewed backstage, Kaz gets interrupted by Sammy Guevara. Sammy says Sky will stab him in the back. Kaz says he know who he can trust, go be unlikeable somewhere else.

Commercial Break.

Jeff Hardy makes his entrance, accompanied by Matt Hardy. Darby Allin is out next, accompanied by Sting. This is an Anything Goes Match.

The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Quarterfinals: Darby Allin vs. Jeff Hardy

Darby with a running dropkick, into a suicide dive to the outside. Darby goes under the ring and pulls out chairs. Darby sets up 8 chairs face to face lined up. Jeff drops Darby in the steel steps. “Hardy” chants. Jeff whips Darby into the stairs, Darby jumps over them but Jeff hits a flying clothesline. Darby pushes Jeff into the ringpost.

Back in the ring, Jeff hits a Twist of Fate in the ropes. Jeff goes under the ring and pulls out a Ladder.

Picture in Picture.

Jeff sets up the ladder in the ring as Darby lies on the line of chairs on the outside. Jeff climbs the ladder, he poses on the top. Darby climbs the opposite side of the ladder, Darby drops Jeff on the ropes. Darby climbs the ladder as Jeff lies on the chairs, Darby hits a Swanton onto Jeff, Jeff catches him and them both fall onto the chairs.

Darby drags Jeff into the ring, climbs to the top, Jeff goes under the topes, Darby hits a Coffin Drop on the apron, Jeff moves out of the way and Darby crashes onto the apron. Jeff hits a cutter on the steel stairs on the outside. Jeff climbs to the top and goes for a Swanton but Darby moves and Jeff crashes onto the steel steps! Darby drags Jeff into the ring, he goes to the top, hits the Coffin Drop, Darby covers, 1, 2, Jeff counters into a backslide, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Jeff Hardy!

Matt Hardy celebrates with Jeff. Jeff and Darby shake hands and hug after the match. The Undisputed Elite appear on the stage as Adam Cole stares down Jeff Hardy, his next opponent in the Owen Hart Tournament. The Hardy and the Undisputed Elite stare each other down as Dynamite goes off the air!

Martin Dickinson

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