Enzo Amore (who now performs as nZo) was, at one point, one of the hottest promos in professional wrestling. nZo’s entrances with Big Cass in WWE were the ultimate way to get a crowd fired up. That energy has been on display recently in MLW, and the company’s promoter thinks he is doing fantastic job.

MLW owner Court Bauer spoke with The Wrestling Inc. Daily about nZo’s work with the company. Bauer said he has been incredible to work with. His mic work alone makes him worth the investment.

Having nZo on the roster makes it easy to write shows in MLW. His ability to switch gears from a heel to a babyface on a dime makes him one of wrestling’s most flexible performers, according to Bauer. Court said he gets over everywhere he goes.

“Whenever someone gets over as a heel you’re teetering on potentially being a babyface. You’re at a time where the fans are so sophisticated, and they just appreciate the performance so much that they’ve got to see you and root for you. But, a real heel can just take it back, and with the right concept, make you hate them even more.


But, nZo gives me absolute flexibility, I’ve got a guy who can talk all day, and a guy that can just get over. That’s one of the things I think people forget about, like bell to bell is great, but you’ve got to be able to get over. nZo gets over, he got over in NXT, he got over on the big stage in WWE, he’s got over in MLW, he gets over wherever he goes.”

nZo is fitting in great with the MLW locker room. There was some major controversy in the past over his behaviors and his attitude, but that doesn’t seem to be causing a problem. nZo is just simply one of the guys, and he’s getting over big time.

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Michael Perry

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