MJF knows that he’s money and he’s using every opportunity to cash in as the future hottest free agent in professional wrestling. The “Salt of the Earth” is reportedly unhappy with his contract status and believes he’s currently worth more than he was when he signed with AEW.

The Pinnacle leader is leaning towards leaving AEW when his contract expires in 2024. MJF is also frustrated that former WWE stars currently signed to AEW are making more money than they did with the Stamford-based sports entertainment juggernaut.

According to Will Washington of Fightful, many in the AEW locker room are not on MJF’s side in his contract negotiations with Tony Khan. MJF reportedly wants more money but the AEW head honcho wouldn’t want to pay him more if he doesn’t guarantee that he’d stay with AEW for a few more years.

“I did some digging around as well. I asked multiple people around in AEW and I did get one person who gave me a quote they said I am free to use. So basically, there’s not a whole lot of people on MJF’s side of this I am gathering. The one thing I heard from somebody that said, ‘Look his deal is his deal. Changing the terms of an existing deal while in the middle of it would set a horrible precedent and If he wants new money then sign a new deal.’ The idea I gave..what they’re saying here is, yeah if MJF in the middle of his deal can simply say actually, I’m actually worth this now.


“Granted, I think he is…but they’re like what would stop anybody else from wanting to change the terms of their deal in the middle of it and not sign a new deal. And also said [the source], ’Tony would be a fool to give him any more money without the guarantee of more years.’ Of course if Tony gives up something on this new deal then he has to get something and so yeah, you sign a new deal, he’s got to tack on a few more years to make it happen. It sounds like he still wants his free agency in 2024.”

Things will get interesting after MJF’s contract expires in 2024. WWE is looking for young and hungry stars and MJF is someone who could add to their brand value. We’ll have to wait and see what he does, but MJF has a bright future ahead of him in AEW or WWE.

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