WWE fired 10 Superstars from NXT last week and that announcement included some surprising names. One of the bigger names was Harland, but report came out after his release that he simply wasn’t picking up on the transition from football to pro wrestling. This brought one of NXT’s policies into the greater discussion.

NXT talent have 90 days after signing with WWE to pick things up if they’re coming from another sport. They are evaluated after 90 days and cut if it is clear that pro wrestling isn’t working out for them. Other things like attitude and drive are also a part of that process, but remaining in NXT after signing is not a guaranteed deal.

Ringside News was told that NXT’s mandate to give 90 days for talent to learn is “something that was said last year as well, so that’s not new.” A tenured member of the team told us that this policy might have been “reiterated” recently.

We were also told that “when Triple H went down with the heart issue, that was the new edict.” This was not a policy of Triple H’s, but something that the company instituted after he was taken out of NXT and eventually found himself working in other areas of WWE.


More releases are expected as time goes on. WWE will also likely continue using the excuse of “budget cuts,” because that’s how Nick Khan rolls. Either way, this policy to release NXT Superstars who aren’t picking things up will likely result in some serious motivation in the Performance Center.

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