Brian Kendrick was slated to make his AEW debut against Jon Moxley back in February. Kendrick had just left WWE and was hoping to kick start his career. AEW pulled the plug after past offensive comments made by Brian went viral on the internet.

Kendrick was seen in the clips sharing conspiracy theories about the Holocaust in the videos. The backlash was enough for Tony Khan to nix the debut. Kendrick has now apologized.

Speaking with Duke Loves Rasslin, Brian Kendrick said he was just trying to create some sort of buzz. He was trying to leverage bookings and popularity around one of history’s greatest tragedies. Kendrick said he was embarrassed and understands why nobody wanted to hire him after the controversy.

“Back then, I was trying to create some sort of buzz and I didn’t care who I offended. When it gets thrown back in your face, one, it’s embarrassing, two, you’re forced to reflect on it. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for being so cold-hearted and trying to profit off of tragedy. I suppose that’s what it was.


I was trying to gain off of other’s tragedies but making conspiracies and creating a buzz for myself to gain bookings. It was a terrible idea. Even if it hadn’t affected anybody, it’s horribly embarrassing. I am sorry for anybody…to people I hurt, for making light of stuff that happened to them or their family. I hope you accept that.”

Brian Kendrick made a horrible mistake, but he is taking responsibility for it. Whether that will save him from being blacklisted in the wrestling world remains to be seen. People can change and grow, and Brian is hoping that if nothing else, those he offended will forgive him.

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