It’s Wednesday and you know what that means. AEW Dynamite will go down tonight and Ringside News has got you covered with live play-by-play results coverage.

Start time for AEW Dynamite is at 8:00 PM EST. Match-by-match highlights and results from the show will take place on this very page. Feel free to leave any reactions in the comment section below. The card for tonight is as follows:

  • Undisputed ROH Women’s Championship – Champion vs. Champion: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mercedes Martinez
  • The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Qualifier: Bobby Fish vs. Jeff Hardy
  • The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Qualifier: Dante Martin vs. Rey Fenix
  • Wardlow vs. MJF’s Mystery Opponent
  • Chris Jericho vs. Santana
  • Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Butcher, The Blade & Angelico
  • Varsity Blonds Call Out The House Of Black

JR welcomes us to the show as Adam Cole’s music hits! Cole will be joining commentary for our first match. Jeff Hardy makes his entrance, accompanied by Matt Hardy. Bobby Fish is out next accompanied by Kyle O’Reilly. reDRagon high five Cole on commentary.

The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Qualifier: Bobby Fish vs. Jeff Hardy


Lock up, Hardy wrings the arm, headlock, shoulder tackle, hip toss, cover, 1 count. Hardy gets a headlock, shoulder tackles in the corner, Fish hits a boot. Fish with strikes in the corner, then hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip. Fish with a sliding lariat, cover, 2 count. Fish with body shots, then misses a springboard senton. Jeff rolls to the outside, Fish hits a Dragonscrew Legwhip into the barricade. Sting and Darby Allin are watching from the rafters.

Picture in Picture.

“Brother Nero” chants, Fish blocks a jawbreaker and hits a high knee. Jeff hits the Jawbreaker, Fish with a high kick, then another thrust kick. Hardy hits a back elbow, then a clothesline, a running forearm, atomic drop, into a leg drop. Hardy covers, 2 count. Hardy hits a Twist of Fate Stunner, he goes to the top, Fish knocks him down. Fish with forearms, then hits an Avalanche Falcon Arrow, cover, 2 count.

Fish catches Hardy into a kneebar, Jeff gets to the ropes. Hardy with a back elbow, Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind! Hardy goes to the top and hits the Swanton Bomb! Jeff covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Jeff Hardy!

The Hardys celebrate in the ring as the Young Bucks walk down to the ring. The Bucks face down the Hardys… then go to check on Bobby Fish.

A William Regal video package, showing Regal training with the Blackpool Combat Club.

Bryan Danielson makes his entrance. Wheeler Yuta is out next accompanied by William Regal, then Jon Moxley makes his entrance through the crowd. Regal joins commentary. Butcher attacks Moxley before he enters the ring. Blade and Angelico attack Danielson and Yuta before the bell.

Blackpool Combat Club vs. The Butcher, The Blade & Angelico

Blade takes out Danielson in the ring. Blade with chops in the corner, then a clothesline. Angelico tags in, right hand, into a surfboard submission, Danielson rolls him up then hits kicks to the chest. Danielson with strikes in the corner, then a running boot. Yuta tags in, right hands to Angelico, Blade tags in, back body drop from Yuta. Yuta with an armdrag, into an armbar.

Butcher tags in, Yuta with a dropkick to little effect. Yuta with strikes with Butcher bats off. Butcher with a big crossbody.

Picture in Picture.

Butcher blocks a tag, Yuta hits a German! Moxley tags in, lariat to Blade, Blade clotheslined out of the ring. Moxley throws Blade into the barricade, then throws him over the timekeepers table, then into the steel steps. Back in the ring, Moxley hits a cutter, then bites Butcher. Angelico tags in, hits a roundhouse kick, Moxley with a big lariat. Danielson tags in, missile dropkick. BCC trap all 3 opponents in submissions then hits hammering strikes, Danielson locks in a Triangle Sleeper and Angelico taps out.

WINNER: The Blackpool Combat Club!

Tony Schiavone is with Team Taz. Starks says they aren’t scared of Jurassic Express. Jungle Boy comes in with Luchasaurus and Christian and say it sounds like fun, lets spice things up. Before they get a shot at the tag titles, Jungle Boy wants a title shot at the FTW title. Starks accepts the challenge and next week he will show him what a real man looks like.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone is with Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland. Swerve says they have unfinished business with Team Taz. Lee says they are unproven, they have no choice and they will swerve in our glory.

Wardlow is escorted to the ring handcuffed by security. A huge reaction for Wardlow as he enters the arena. Security uncuff Wardlow as he enters the ring. MJF’s music hits to bring out MJF and Shawn Spears. MJF says he would love to say its great to be here but he would be a lying piece of shit. MJF says he will watch the match from the back, he should be terrified by the man coming through the curtain, MJF introduces William Morrissey (Big Cass).

Wardlow vs. W. Morrissey

“How You Doin'” chants, lock up, break in the corner, lock up, break in the corner. Wardlow powers Morrissey to the corner. Morrissey with a knee to the midsection, then clubbing blows to the back. Morrissey with a big splash in the corner but Wardlow powers out with a splash of his own. Morrissey leapfrogs Wardlow and hits a big boot!

Morrissey with right hands on the outside. “We Want Enzo/No We Don’t” chants. Morrissey throws Wardlow into the ringpost. Morrissey does the Enzo dance, mocking the crowd. Morrissey slams Wardlow head into the apron. Back in the ring, Wardlow with right hands, Morrissey hits a Bossman Slam, cover, 2 count. Wardlow with back elbows in the corner, then he hits a Moonsault! Wardlow lands on his feet off the Moonsault!

Wardlow pulls his straps down and hits Morrissey with a Powerbomb! Wardlow covers, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Wardlow!

Security get in the ring to handcuff Wardlow but he fights them off! MJF and Shawn Spears appear on the ramp and send more security down but Wardlow fights them off too. The crowd goes wild as Wardlow fights off dozens of security. Wardlow Powerbombs a security guard out of the ring onto more security. Wardlow gets a mic and says he wont stop until MJF releases him from his contract.

“Wardlow’s Gonna Kill You” chants. MJF says if they have a match and Wardlow wins he’ll let him out of his contract… But he has a few conditions. Those conditions will happen in a contract signing but not in a dump like this, the contract signing will happen in the most magical place on earth, Long Island, New York next week.

Tony Schiavone is with Baker, Hayter, Storm and Soho. They will open Rampage this week, Baker says every page of the history books are written by her. Soho says she is sick of this, Toni cant wait to get her hands on them. They are counting down the minutes until they can humble them. they ain’t going nowhere.

Commercial Break.

Tony Schiavone is in the ring and he introduces the AEW World Champion, Hangman Page. “Cowboy Shit” chants, Page says it would be easy to say how much he respects CM Punk. It would be easy to say he looked forwards to standing across the ring from the Best in the World. But that isn’t going to happen. At Double or Nothing, there will be no handshake, no masturbatory Bret Hart tribute match, he will destroy CM Punk.

“CM Punk” chants, Page says he hates to be the bearer of bad news but CM Punk isn’t here tonight. He’s probably off filming another TV show, but wherever he is, he will embarrass Punk, “you’ve got a fight and it will be the fight of your life.”

Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Satnam Singh are backstage. They ask where is their red carpet? This is AEW’s fault, they are backing the wrong horse in Takeshita and Lethal will embarrass him on Rampage.

Santana makes his entrance, accompanied by Ortiz. Chris Jericho is out next, accompanied by the Jericho Appreciation Society, Justin Roberts calls him “The Wizard” Chris Jericho.

Santana leaps on Jericho on the ramp. Santana and Jericho brawl around ringside. Jericho throws Santana into the barricade. Jericho gets a camera but Santana cuts him off and takes him down. Santana hits a pump kick. Santana throws Jericho into the steel steps.

Chris Jericho vs. Santana

Santana with a back elbow. Jericho hits a springboard dropkick and Santana falls onto the steel steps on the outside!

Picture in Picture.

Santana hits a dropkick, Jericho with chops in the corner, Santana turns it around with strikes of his own, Jericho goes for a Bulldog but Santana throws him into the turnbuckles. Santana with a suplex, into the 3 Amigos. “Eddie” chants. Santana goes to the top but Jericho cuts him off. Santana hits a headbutt knocking Jericho tot he mat then hits a Frog Splash, cover, 2 count.

Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho and gets it. Santana gets to the ropes. Santana with a rollup, 2 count. Chops back and forth, Santana hits a cutter, cover, 2 count. Ortiz takes out JAS at ringside, Santana hits a Discus Lariat, cover, 2 count. Santana with a cannonball senton in the corner, Daddy Magic distracts, the ref, Jericho hits a low blow, then hits the Judas Elbow, cover, 1 2, 3!

WINNER: Chris Jericho!

JAS attacks Santana and Ortiz after the match. Jericho takes out Ortiz with the baseball bat. The JAS stand over Santana and Ortiz.

Samoa Joe is backstage and says challenges are the territory of brave men. On Rampage he is coming for Lethal.

Commercial Break.

The Gunn Club are backstage, they confront the Acclaimed, mocked they raps and give them a gift. The gifts are… scissors. Billy Gunn says stick it in their boys. (I didn’t get it.)

The Varsity Blonds are in the ring. Pillman says he is a humbled young man. Humbled by his experiences in AEW and by his encounter with House of Black. The most humbling experience of all is seeing everything you’ve every worked for being torn apart. John Harbaugh always told him attack each day with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind. He lost sight of that quote, he con complacent, they lost their enthusiasm. They how the House of Black drove them apart. But today he is feeling enthusiastic. Enthusiastic about keeping their group together. “Lets Fight!”

The lights cut out… House of Black make their entrance. House of Black surround Varsity Blonds before attacking them. Julia Hart watches from the corner. Pillman gets sent face first into Garrison. Malakai Black faces down Julia Hart… Hart looks terrified, Buddy Mathews takes her by the shoulders, Brodie King gives her a steel chair. Hart lifts the chair before refusing to hit Garrison. Black tears off her eyepatch and intimidates her.

Death Triangle runs down and House of Black scatter.

Jade Carghill, the Baddies and Mark Sterling are backstage. They are still undefeated. Velvet says she qualified and will win the Owen Hart cup. Carghill says that will make 2 champions in the baddies section. Period.

Death Triangle is still in the ring. Dante Martin makes his entrance.

The Owen Hart Foundation Men’s Tournament Qualifier: Dante Martin vs. Rey Fenix

Lock up, break in the ropes. Martin shoves Fenix down. Both men dodge each others flying attacks. Fenix hits a dropkick, sending Martin out of the ring. Fenxi hits a springboard splash to the outside.

Picture in Picture.

Fenix with a roundhouse kick in the corner, then hits a Spanish Fly from the second rope! Fenix covers, 2 count. “This is Awesome” chants, Martin turns Fenix inside out, enziguri, roundhouse kick, into a diving crossbody, cover, 2 count. Martin with an Exploder, cover, 2 count. Martin with strikes to Fenix, Fenix hits a hurricanrana, cover, 2 count.

Fenix escapes the ring, Fenix hits a Pop Up Cutter, cover, 2 count. “Fight Forever” chants, Martin gets a rollup, 2 count. Martin with a superkick, on the top rope, Fenix goes for a Spanish Fly but both men land on their feet. Martin hits a Poisonrana! Martin misses a moonsault, Martin with a crossbodydive caught by Fenix. Fenix hits a Piledriver, cover, 1, 2, 3!

WINNER: Fenix!

Fenix shows respect to Martin after the match and they embrace.

Darby Allin and Sting are backstage. Darby says the match with Jeff writes itself. Sting says Darby will pull out all the stops and it will be a special night.

Commercial Break.

Thunder Rosa makes her entrance. She says everybody has a story to tell, hers is full of good guys and bad guys, successes and failure. Tonight she is your Women’s World Champion. She fought hard to defend this title in Texas, but when she came to this company she wanted to elevate women’s wrestling and she became a backbone for this division. She was able to become who she is today. She can says he is la mera mera of this division. She is one of the best. She wants to wrestle the best,

She used to drive 7 house to see one wrestler and one wrestler only, the person who made her who she is today. She wants to call out the number 1 contender… Serena Deeb makes her entrance, Deeb stares down Rosa. Deeb says its been a long time, she has seen Rosa climb to the top, she respects Rosa. She believes they can make this the best women’s division in the world. In order for that to happen then best wrestler needs to be champion. Rosa says she is the best. Deeb says lets be real, everybody knows she is on another level, a class of her own. Its about time she becomes champion. Deeb says Rosa will have the shorted Women’s Championship reign in history and at Double or Nothing she is taking the championship. See you in Vegas.

Jon Silver is backstage and says CM Punk wants to dance with the meat man. Mano a Mano, next week lets freaking go.

Mercedes Martinez, the ROH Interim Women’s Champion, makes her entrance. The ROH Women’s Champion, Deonna Purrazzo makes her entrance next.

Undisputed ROH Women’s Championship – Champion vs. Champion: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Mercedes Martinez

Purrazzo doesn’t observe the code of honor. “Virtuosa” chants. Lock up, clean break. Lock up, Martinez wrings the arm, Purrazzo gets a headlock. Lock up, Martinez powers Purrazzo to the corner. Both women duck under strikes. Purrazzo hits an armbreaker.

Picture in Picture.

Both women struggle on the outside. back in the ring, they go face to face, strikes back and forth. Martinez with clotheslines, backdrop, flying forearm in the corner then a running boot in the corner. Martinez covers, 2 count. Purrazzo with a Russian Leg Sweep, into an armbar. Purrazzo with a pump kick, standing moonsault, cover, 2 count.

Martinez with a running knee strike, Fishermanbuster, cover, 2 count. Martinez with a back elbow, Purrazzo with an Exploder, cover, 2 count. Martinez with a jack knife cover, 2 count. Double clothesline, both women down. Purrazzo with a high boot, Martinez with a slap, then hits a big slam, then hits a big Stomp, into a Romero Special. Purrazzo bites her hand but Martinez gets the dragon sleeper and Purrazzo taps out!

WINNER: “And New” Undisputed ROH Women’s Champion, Mercedes Martinez!

Martinez celebrates with both titles, and Purrazzo shakes her hand as Dynamite goes off the air!

Martin Dickinson

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