Dakota Kai was one of the victims of WWE’s sweeping NXT roster cuts that took place yesterday. Kai was a fan favorite in the developmental brand but has been there for quite some time now. After her 30-day non-compete expires, she will become a free agent.

There was some buzz that Dakota Kai was being considered for the main roster. Several other NXT stars have been called up in recent weeks. It turns out after several looks, Vince McMahon decided to nix Dakota being brought to Raw or SmackDown.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the circumstances of Dakota Kai’s departure. WWE gave her a few tryouts for the main roster. Vince McMahon ultimately nixed her call-up.

“In the case of Dakota Kai, I’ve been expecting that. When I heard about April 15 cuts, she was definitely on, in my mind, the list because, it’s like, there’s nothing really more that they were going to do with her for NXT. She’s been there too long, she’s mid-30’s and they gave her the tryouts on the main roster, Vince said no.


It’s like OK, once Vince says no, what are you there for? Know what I mean? I expected her and I’m not shocked. I would think that she would not be surprised either, because she was there to be called up on the main roster months ago. She was doing the tryouts and then everybody else got up and for whatever reason… You can all speculate on what Vince sees and doesn’t see in people, but whatever it was, you know, he didn’t see it in her. It’s not her working, obviously, but he has ideas of what a star is and, whatever. It’s his judgment. You know what his judgment is. People know that going in.”

Several WWE superstars expressed their support for Dakota after the news broke. Kai herself was not surprised and saw her release coming. Once her thirty days are up, this talented wrestler should have no problem finding somewhere to land.

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