Former basketball player Satnam Singh made his debut on AEW Dynamite earlier this month. He suddenly appeared and dropped Samoa Joe, as he was presented as a monster of a man. Matt Hardy also defended Singh’s debut.

The debut ended up receiving mixed opinions from fans and peers alike. He has already been compared to former WWE Superstar The Great Khali. Fans were simply not impressed.

While speaking on his podcast, “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” Matt Hardy talked about Satnam Singh’s debut. Hardy defended the debut, stating that Tony Khan is trying his best.

“I totally understand why this guy debuted in the spot he did. We obviously have a big budding television deal coming up in India and he’s going to play into that. I get the ramifications for debuting him, using him, and highlighting him. It’s a big deal.


The use of turning the lights out and then turning them back on, if you do that, it feels like an anticipation within the fans and I feel like it has to be a known star. It’s got to be someone when the lights come on, you’re like, ‘Oh my God, it’s him.’ Sabu was so famous for doing that in ECW all the time. So I felt like that was definitely the reason why they should have brought him out in a different way.

But it is what it is. We live and we learn. We all make mistakes, and Tony Khan, once again, three years in, you know, it is what it is. He’s trying his hardest and he’s trying his best, and I love the fact that he was very accountable for it and he owned it and he said, ‘Well, we probably should have done it differently.”

Satnam Singh also joined AEW so that he could make history. We’ll have to wait and see how Singh will be booked in the coming weeks.

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