Shotzi Blackheart and Brandi Lauren are just about as close as two pro wrestlers can be. The best friends love to have fun on social media together. A recent report claiming that Shotzi had backstage heat after jokingly saying she was going to marry Brandi was debunked in a Ringside News exclusive.

A fan recently called out the Ringside News report on Twitter, calling it “dumb sh*t.” Both Shotzi and Brandi responded to the fan with more playful behavior. The two even came up with a nickname for themselves.

“For the record! I would marry @brandilauren_ legitimately! Its not my fault she’s straight.”

Shotzi said she would legitimately marry Brandi Lauren, except that Brandi is straight. Lauren replied, noting that Shotzi is the only girl she wants to spend the rest of her life with. The fan responded, calling them “Shotzren.” Shotzi said she prefers the name “Branzi.”


The original controversy stemmed from Bill Bhatti, who claimed that the couple pretending to be in a relationship was seen as immature backstage. In reality, WWE sources said that it was a complete non-story and fake news. Shotzi and Brandi’s continued playfulness confirms that.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a couple of best pals having some fun together. There would have been no reason for any heat from anyone at WWE unless there was a massive overreaction. Regardless of the reports, Shozi Blackheart and Brandi Lauren are just two friends enjoying themselves and joking around on social media.

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Michael Perry

Michael Perry is a news contributor for Ringside News and Thirsty for News. Michael has an M.A. in Communication Technology from Point Park University in his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA.

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