Austin Theory is now known as just “Theory.” On last night’s WWE Raw, Theory noted that Vince McMahon didn’t think the name “Austin” fit him. It was another in a series of very confusing name changes in WWE recently.

Several NXT call-ups were assigned baffling new ring names. Austin Theory was the latest to have his name shortened. The WWE Universe has been curious as to the real reason for the name change.

Dave Meltzer talked about it on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. It turns out that Steve Austin had something to do with the change. Vince McMahon didn’t like the idea of having two wrestlers named Austin.

“Vince didn’t like the idea of Steve Austin against Austin Theory… What a weird name.”


It makes some sense since Steve Austin is so heavily ingrained in WWE’s history. Fans are probably smart enough to understand the difference, but the company always likes to simplify things for casual viewers. Therefore, we now have Theory instead of Austin Theory.

It remains to be seen if WWE will continue assigning new ring names to established talent. NXT call-ups have been debuting with new names such as Raquel Rodriguez (Gonzalez in NXT). Viewers of both NXT and the main roster shows will likely need to learn a lot of new names in the future.

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