Kimber Lee was successful in getting Nash Carter fired from WWE by making some serious allegations against him. In the end, it was actually the Nazi salute photo that did him in. Her accusations turned out to be false but it was too late, the damage was already done.

Kimber Lee deleted her Twitter account just a few days after making allegations against Carter. Prior to that she received huge backlash from Twitter for portraying herself as a victim of abuse to ruin Carter’s career.

Nash Carter alongside Wes Lee were NXT Tag Team Champion, the duo won Championship titles at Stand & Deliver. However, that didn’t last long, following the allegations Carter was fired and the titles were relinquished.

Several in wrestling community pointed out that Kimber Lee waited for the exact moment following Carter’s win at Stand & Deliver to come out with false allegations and when her work was done she deleted her account. Fans want to her to be held accountable.


Now it appears that Kimber Lee has exited Twitter. We will have to see if and when she returns.

Dave Meltzer claimed a while ago, that he thinks Carter was fired for a Nazi salute picture but we all know that’s not true. Carter’s friend, who goes by the Twitter handle Queen E. Marie started an Twitter campaign to seek justice for her friend who she firmly believes was framed by Kimber Lee.

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