Abdullah the Butcher is the ring name of Lawrence Robert Shreve, a retired professional wrestler from Canada. He’s known for being a part of some of the most gruesome and gory hardcore wrestling matches ever. It seems his financial state has recently been revealed.

Details regarding Abdullah The Butcher’s life were revealed on the most recent episode of Talk Is Jericho. Danny Lincoln, a professional wrestling referee, spoke about the case filed against Abdullah by an independent star who claimed he caught Hepatitis C from Abdullah.

In 2007, a guy named Devon (Nicholson) apparently, he claimed that Abby contracted Devon with Hepatitis C, in a cage match, down in, I believe it was in Alberta. But nobody knew about it. Because Devon said he never felt him cut him, right? When I first met Abby in 2008, and we were sharing a locker room, it was me, Abby, Honest John, and Devon. And Devon said, ‘do you want me, or Abby to cut you tonight?’ I am like, ‘okay,’ he goes, ‘if I was you, I’d let Abby cut you, he’s been doing it for 50 years, I trust him, he’s got all his stuff.’

Abdullah The Butcher’s assistant, Malikah then explained that he actually does not know how to read or write. This has been the case throughout his entire life, as he only reached the second-grade level in the education system.


For years when all of us would go out to eat, I would ask him, ‘what is it that you want on the menu?’ I would give him the menu, and each time he would say, ‘I want what you want,’ or whoever was with us, ‘I want what you want.’ I would say, ‘no, eat what you want,’ but he always just said, ‘get what you want.’ I think it was his pride, he didn’t want to tell me. One day when we finally got home, he sat me down and said, with tears in his eyes, ‘I don’t read or write.’

Abdullah The Butcher had lost his case against the independent star, she confessed. This was due to his inability to understand the letters that had been sent to him addressing the matter. Finally, Abdullah The Butcher’s helper said that he is now living paycheck to paycheck. He has no money in the bank, which is why a Go Fund Me page has been set up to help him pay his legal bills.

They just don’t know this. He is living from day to day, he’s on a fixed income. He doesn’t have any money in the bank, his wife owns all of his properties. Except for this house that he lives in right now, which is both of their names. His wife came here from Japan, she didn’t have anything. All of these properties he owns is from the career he built. And he has nothing but this house which is in both of their names. He doesn’t even have a car.

One of Shreve’s trademarks is a series of divot-like scars on his head that he has due to excessive use of blading during his career. The scars are so deep that, according to Mick Foley, Shreve is able to put gambling chips into them. 

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h/t to Wrestling Inc.

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