Jay Lethal is a true veteran in the world of professional wrestling after competing for over twenty years now. He established himself as one of the stars of the X-Division in TNA and then became one of the top talents in ROH as well. Tony Khan was also blasted for wasting all of Jay Lethal’s potential.

Lethal then shocked the world as he made his debut at AEW Full Gear last year. Jim Cornette even previously stated that Tony Khan finally did something right by signing Jay Lethal to AEW. He even blasted WWE for letting AEW sign Jay Lethal in the first place

Jay Lethal squared off against Jon Moxley on last week’s episode of AEW Dynamite, in a match that received a lot of props. However, Jay Lethal ended up losing yet again.

While speaking on the Jim Cornette Experience, Jim Cornette talked about Jay Lethal’s current booking in AEW. He blasted Tony Khan for wasting all of Jay Lethal’s potential in AEW.


But back on Dynamite, Jay Lethal and Jon Moxley. They had to know on Wednesday what they were doing on Friday. So they, for no reason, they feed Jay Lethal to Jon Moxley on Wednesday. And then turn him heel on Friday and feature him in the show closing angle etcetera etcetera. AEW has managed to waste literally all the potential Jay Lethal had on their main television program. When they brought him in, signed him, had no plan whatsoever. Just put him on TV and beat him immediately, then disappeared him, then brought him back and beat him a couple more times. And now they feed him to the f*****g plumber.

And then they send him back over to Ring of Honor where he was a big star and have him doing angles with guys below him from AEW. Why start a guy with so much talent with no plan, no wins, no push, no opponents planned no. He you know, here he is. It’s a big acquisition. Not anybody, not just lethal anybody. I wrote as a matter of fact, dueling chants, even the fans feel sorry for him. Because that’s what they like him. They want to see him do better. They’re trying to support him.” 

Ric Flair also previously said that Jay Lethal will never get his due in pro wrestling. It is not known whether Jay Lethal will truly ever get the push he deserves, even with ROH being a factor now.

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