Former WWE employee Gerald Brisco likes to keep up with everything that is currently under development in WWE. While there are intense reports circulating about Cody Rhodes coming back to WWE, as Ringside News has reported for number of times.

Rhodes’ return to WWE is almost certain, and many figures from the pro-wrestling world are excited. Lita revealed that before her WWE return, she talked to Cody Rhodes about joining AEW.

Gerald Brisco said during his Exclusive Monday Mailbag that he is excited for Cody Rhodes’ return and would love to see him wearing polka dots. He also said that he would be coming back to a company where he really belongs.

Damn right I do. Wouldn’t that be great? That’s great, I like that. Why not Cody? Go for it, if you got them, go for it. Polka dots? Wear them. I think it’s fantastic [that he’s coming back], I think that’s probably where he belongs and I think that’s where he felt he belongs.


Brisco had some critical words to put out for AEW, saying that he thinks AEW is a great organization. However, while he said that he likes Tony Khan, he didn’t like everything that went on in AEW.

The other organization is a great organization, I think Tony [Khan] has done one heck of a job so far. I don’t agree with a lot of the stuff but I don’t agree with a lot of the stuff that is going on on the other side either. But yeah, I’m happy for Cody, that’s where he wants to be, that’s home and everybody wants to go home. So congratulations.

Gerald also talked about other developments in the WWE. He commented on the name changes of Elias, saying that WWE must have reason for it. It is speculated that WWE has plans for a WrestleMania 38 match between Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins. While everyone is rooting for Cody Rhodes coming back to his home, let’s hope that WWE brings the fans’ dreams to fruition.

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