The wrestling world dealt a tremendous blow recently when Scott Hall, who was 63 at the time, died after being taken off life support. Triple H, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, and a slew of others flocked to social media to mourn the death of such a powerful figure in the wrestling industry.

Two-time WWE Hall Of Famer Scott Hall defined an entire generation of pro wrestling. He made a name for himself as Razor Ramon during the early 90s. The Undertaker recently spoke with SHAK Wrestling about Scott Hall and commented on his passing.

‘Taker complimented Hall’s efforts while also adding that he is another another example of someone who was lost far too soon. The Undertaker revealed that early in his career, Scott Hall took him under his wing. This happened while Hall was on a tour of Japan, where he would assist him by suggesting him where to eat, for example.

Man, one of the great in-ring workers. He was really gifted, him and Shawn’s ladder match at Madison Square Garden was one of those legendary iconic matches. It’s just another sad example, we lose and have lost way too many guys, at way too young of age. Some of our choices that we make early on we don’t see the ramifications later on in our lives. You can’t foreshadow that. But it’s just sad to lose a guy that you’ve been in the trenches with, that you come up with.

I was on my first tour of Japan with Scott, Scott kind of took me under his wing. Showed me the ropes in 1988 or 89 whenever it was. You know, where to go to eat, it was a really sad day. And I know it was sad for Nash, and Shawn, and Triple H, and X-Pac, all those guys. They were all so tight, and I know what it’s like to lose guys like that who you’re really close with. I feel bad for them, I feel bad for Scott’s family, it’s just another sad loss that our business has suffered.

The Undertaker then discussed a humorous Raw segment he had with the nWo. When Hulk Hogan attempted to take his motorcycle, he failed miserably. When relaying the story, the future Hall Of Famer laughed about the situation.

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h/t to Wrestling Inc.

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