Jake Atlas is looking forward to future opponents, despite the fact that he wasn’t able to have many matches in All Elite Wrestling before getting sidelined due to an untimely ACL tear. Jungle Boy is someone he has a long history with and their story might just continue.

Jake Atlas said in a new interview with Highspot Superstore’s Turbo Tuesday that he had a particular friendship with Jungle Boy when touring the indies together. They used to frequent from California to San Francisco which was a six to seven hour drive. In terms of wrestling, it was a soulmate like bond.

We used to travel so much from California to Northern, to San Francisco. Obviously, we’re both from L.A. and I think our bond just started there. Like, it’s a six/seven-hour drive there and back and there was just something that we — like, it’s so cliche. He’s probably never heard me say this word. It’s very soulmate-like, like just as least in wrestling.

We just understood each other and had the same, kind of, values and kind of the same systems coming from completely different backgrounds. But still understood who we were as people before the wrestling part of it, and I think that just made the wrestling better. Because on the seven-hour drives, we hardly talked about wrestling. It was very personal and about our lives and about him and about me, and, you know, probably a good chunk of it on those rides, like, he didn’t know I was gay, or whether he knew or wanted to assume.


Given their comparable beginnings, it’s natural for people to draw parallels between Jake Atlas and Jungle Boy’s careers. Jake, on the other hand, claims that this can screw with his head and make him wonder what he brings to the sport. Jake Atlas squared off against Adam Cole during a previous episode of AEW Rampage.

During the match, Jake Atlas suffered a knee injury and caused many fans to be concerned. We will have to wait and see whether Jake Atlas will be able to make his return to the squad circle by the end of his year or not. Check out the entire episode below.

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