Vince McMahon was originally thought to be booked for a match with Pat McAfee at WrestleMania 38. The lingering issue of McMahon’s age now has Austin Theory taking the spot. On last night’s SmackDown, Vince’s involvement became more clear.

Pat McAfee was called to Vince’s office and was expected to apologize for trash-talking Austin Theory or risk losing his job and the Mania match. McAfee ended up insulting Theory. The boss’ involvement in the match will likely stem from that.

Fans have been wondering how physically involved Vince McMahon could get in the Austin Theory vs Pat McAfee WrestleMania match. Dave Meltzer talked about it on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio. McMahon’s participation will depend more on how he moves than how he looks.

“Even Vince in a match against McAfee I don’t think is that big because I think people just, you know, they know he’s old and everything. It’s not how he looks. More how he can move than how he looks.


But, yeah, the combination of what he feels would be proper for him to do. He is like the ‘anti-old guy’ thing even though he’s old. Not like before, not like, ‘Now you’re dead at 40,’ now everyone’s over 40 there because time stood still and he still thinks these guys are young now that are 45.”

Vince McMahon won’t be doing much if he doesn’t think he can make it look good. That said, it is still likely that Mr. McMahon will be involved with the match between Pat McAfee and Austin Theory. Time will tell how Vince is feeling, as the situation has constantly been changing.

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