Brock Lesnar was left in bloody mess by Roman Reigns at WWE’s recent live event at Madison Square Garden. WWE has made it well known that they do not like to use blood in their storylines, but there are occasional exceptions. In this case, Brock got busted open the hard way as opposed to with a blade.

Even WWE commentators have acknowledged that Brock was left bleeding. Usually, if there is an accidental cut, words like “contusion” or “injury” will be used in place of glorifying the blood. They will then typically only show the replay in greyscale, except for select occasions such as Lesnar at MSG. WWE has referred to AEW’s use of blood as “barbaric.”

Brock Lesnar was planned to bleed all along. Since WWE does not allow the practice of blading, they had to do it the hard way. Dave Meltzer wrote in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Brock was cut the old-fashioned way by the steel ring steps.

“Regarding the 3/5 Madison Square Garden show, the word is that Lesnar did not use a blade to cut himself and it was a hardway job from the steps. WWE bans blading. Obviously that angle was meant to have blood and Lesnar does what he wants, but the reality is that blading is a lot safer that having someone bust your head hardway.”


The use of blood in professional wrestling will always be controversial. Its proponents believe it adds to the story being told in the ring. Naysayers cite health risks and the promotion of violence.

The fact is, blood has always been a part of professional wrestling. Brock Lesnar frequently takes hardway shots to draw blood. Even WWE will add in a little color if it makes for a better product, despite their best efforts to claim they don’t.

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Michael Perry

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