Booker T is a legend in the pro-wrestling business. The former WCW Champion has seen many ups and downs in his career. He experienced a career renaissance in WWE after winning the King of the Ring Tournament and donning the vicious King Booker gimmick. The WWE Hall of Famer admitted the gimmick gave him one of his best runs in his career.

On the latest episode of Booker T’s Hall of Fame podcast, the Legend took the opportunity to talk about Queen Sharmell.

Queen Sharmell will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this year in acknowledgment of her career in the industry. Booker revealed that Sharmell was one of Vince McMahon’s personal favorites.

“The thing is, Sharmell was one of Vince’s favorites. He definitely always loved Sharmell’s work,” he claimed. “And I think Sharmell even more so than myself. You know a couple, and you think they like you, you think the people around you like you. Then you realize later on in life, just say for instance, you and your wife got divorced, and none of those guys like you anymore.”


“You realize they liked your wife a whole lot more than they actually liked you. I’m serious. I think Sharmell has always had that effect with people, man. Everybody has always loved Sharmell for what she has brought to the table more than anything. She’s always been genuine, it’s no play-acting with Sharmell.”

Booker T also highlighted the importance of Sharmell in his run as King Booker. He admitted that it was one of the best runs of his career, and it would not be possible without her.

“The wrestling side didn’t turn out for her because she blew her knee out down there training in the WWE at OVW. Then, of course, the creation of King Booker. I tell people all the time, that was my best run, that was my most fun run in the business. None of it would ever have happened if it wasn’t for Sharmell,” he said. “Because the King of the Ring tournament was not built for me to become the greatest king in the history of the King of the Ring tournament. It wasn’t built for that at all. It was built around Sharmell, and I had a moment there.”

In addition to Sharmell, The Undertaker and Vader have also been announced as HOF 2022 inductees. This anniversary of the Hall of Fame ceremony will take place Friday, April 1st, immediately following SmackDown.

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Bhupen Dange

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