Jay and Mark Briscoe are one of the most decorated tag teams to never get a run with a major American promotion. The Briscoes became legends in Ring of Honor, their home for many years. Jay Briscoe has a history of making homophobic remarks in the past. It has kept the team from ever reaching a truly mainstream audience thus far.

It was recently reported that WarnerMedia nixed any hopes of AEW signing The Briscoes. The team has been feuding with FTR on social media and the on the independent circuit. Many fans were hoping to see the match play out on the Turner networks, but it doesn’t seem like that will happen.

Jay Briscoe was a recent guest on the Battleground podcast. Briscoe talked about the report about WarnerMedia not wanting to hire him and his brother. Jay profusely apologized and said that his words were nothing more than a huge mistake.

“I want to say, thank you to the people who really know…we get labeled as homophobes. I put out a stupid tweet nine years ago, the most dumbest, immature, obnoxious sh*t I’ve ever done. I don’t want anybody, from any walk of life, to feel like they can’t care for the Briscoes because I promise we love everybody. We love everybody and we just want to go out there and be pro wrestlers and give the best match that we can.


I said some dumb sh*t a long time ago, I apologized for it and I’ll apologize for it again. It was stupid. I feel like now there are people who look at us like, ‘we can’t cheer for them because they hate a certain group of people.’ We don’t hate nobody. We love everybody. We’re just some country boys. I thought I was taking a stand for the Lord back in the day.”

It isn’t the first time Jay Briscoe has apologized for his past indiscretions. Thus far, his efforts have not changed any minds. Time will tell if Jay and Mark Briscoe will ever land that coveted national contract.

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