Veer Mahaan is coming to RAW but not today. Wrestling fans are all two familiar with the vignette that plays every week on Monday Night RAW. WWE have been playing the video hyping the arrival of Veer for almost five months.

The latest episode of Monday Night RAW was no excepti0n for Veer. The company once again ran the vignette that has since become a gag of sorts. The closing seconds of the vignette showed Veer rolling his eyeballs as he slam opened a prop.

The IWC, of course, reacted to the vignette. It is safe to say that wrestling fans did not disappoint with their hilarious reactions. Many too to Twitter to brutally troll Veer for his facial expressions towards the end of the hype video.

Veer’s gif on Twitter even got a reaction from the USA Network, the home of Monday Night RAW. The network said it appreciates Veer getting some exercise and taking the long route to the red brand.


Though he has yet to show up on RAW, Veer is very much active on social media and routinely posts pictures and videos of him on Twitter. We’ll have to wait and see when Veer arrives on RAW.

Will Veer Mahaan ever come to RAW? What’s your take on this story? Sound off in the comments!

Manik Aftab

Manik Aftab is a news writer at Ringside News. Outside of his writing responsibilities, Manik is a fan of fiction, thrillers, comics, manga and anime. He’s an occasional journalist and likes to spend his free time watching movies and reading stuff about politics, science, medicine, etc. Manik also enjoys jogs in the park and workouts in the gym. 

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