Trish Stratus made a huge impact during her time with WWE. The Canadian superstar burst onto the scene in 2000 as the manager of Test and Prince Albert before winning the women’s championship in 2001. Stratus’ feud with Lita opened the eyes of many fans to the possibilities of women’s wrestling. A further run against Mickie James solidified her status as a WWE legend. She wouldn’t be opposed to another run on top.

Trish has made sporadic appearances for WWE since she retired as an active full-time performer in 2006. Stratus was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame by Stephanie McMahon in 2013. An in-ring return came in 2018 at the Evolution pay-per-view.

Every time there are rumors of a surprise appearance, Trish Stratus is brought up. Thus far, there has not been any lasting run for the seven-time WWE Women’s Champion. Trish would be open to another title run if the right opponent came along, according to her statement at recent Highspots virtual signing event.

“Hell yeah. The timing? Maybe it was if the opponent was perfect.”


Stratus’ greatest rival, Lita, recently returned to WWE. Lita immediately was placed in a Raw Women’s Championship match with Becky Lynch at Elimination Chamber. Trish wouldn’t be against doing the same under the correct circumstances.

Trish Stratus is one of WWE’s most beloved superstars. If the time, place, and opponent are right, she is more than up for another run as champion. Time will tell if the stars ever align to make it happen.

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